Mint Blouse In 3 Outfits

In anticipation for the new personal style post (photos pending) here’s another inspirational post, this time on how to match a sheer mint sleeveless blouse with lace detail. Mint is a hit colour and this particular model of blouse is very inn. I have one chic and one casual outfit for you, and one combination […]

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Chic Flats On A Budget

Hello darlings! Hope you’re having a good week, I certainly am 🙂 Today I’m sharing my new project, How to look chic on a budget, where I put together outfits with affordable super cute flats under 50$ and all the other pieces are also in the same price range. The even better part is that […]

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PUSH IT Moda: Yeah Baby!

When I started my blog almost a year ago, I never imagined it would go this far. Back then the first Macedonian fashion and style bloggers were too few and far apart, virtually unknown even among ourselves. All that changed in the past year and I can proudly say we are building a strong community and […]

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3 Ways To Style Print Shorts

Hello, my name is Aleksandra and I’m addicted to Polyvore 🙂 Well, that and Lana del Rey. I really can’t get enough of it, and the best part is I learn so much about matching. I often make the same mistake of thinking I know the exact shade of the colour of a skirt I […]

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How To Pair A Denim Dress

Be patient, I am waiting for the photos from the surprise 🙂 In the meantime I got hung up on Polyvore and since I started a collaboration with the news portal on style advice, I found a perfect way to offer different outfit combinations even for girls that are not my size or shape. […]

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Burgundy Dream: Members Only

Well darlings, it was the last chance this season for me to stroll in my new favorite find: a Members Only three-colour vintage jacket. The last two days were chilly and perfect for me to wear it and at the same time pair it in my latest trend, print t-shirts and skirts. All shades of […]

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Туѓа песна

најмногу боли кога не те познавам, кога раката стои подадена и камен споменик станува на едно време будно и небрежно, на едно време чудно и премрежно. не кога не те препознавам, оти и јас сум некогаш безлична, оти сум и јас под лики скриена, не кога не те препознавам, оти така одново те дознавам. најмногу […]

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