Oversize Sweater& Skirt

I don’t really like winter, but you already knew that. The cold wave just started to hit here, but that does not mean you should quit wearing your favorite skirts, even the summer models. One of the few things I do like about winter is layering and chunky, oversize sweaters, preferably knits. They are purrfect […]

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Style Stand-Out: Solange

Maybe most people know her as Beyonce’s baby sister, but for me, Solange has it all to call on her own glory. 28-year old singer, songwriter and model was a stunner ever since the first time I saw a photo of her in a magazine and I was immediately charmed. Browsing the photos you’ll be […]

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GUCCI: Practicing what it preaches

“First thing that pops on our mind when we hear Gucci is bespoke luxury. The fashion giant founded in 1921 in Florence, Italy has been one of the world’s leading luxury brands for decades and a favorite of a long list of celebrities, including Blake Lively, Brad Pitt, Drew Barrymore, Rihanna, Salma Hayek and Jennifer […]

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Green Loden Vintage Coat #2

I’m so excited when I have new finds to share with you, I find the time and energy to dress up and take photos, and then sit on my computer with make up on and write you a post 🙂 I already told you about my new vintage treasure island in my previous post, so […]

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Oversize Vintage Coat #1

As promised to you on my Facebook profile, here’s the first post for my new vintage coats. I was so happy when I found a delightful little second hand shop in Skopje called “Sonja” that stores a little treasure of vintage clothes that cost a light lunch! I got my eyes on this one first, […]

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Winter Layering

This is my first post in the new year and what better thing to write about than the good old wonderful layering? 🙂 One of the few reasons I love winter is the art of layering. One must be careful not to look like a homeless person and seem too stuffed. The simple trick when […]

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