FWSK 15 Outfits: One Pair of Jeans to Rule them All


Fashion Weekend Skopje wrapped up its jubilee edition last weekend: 15 seasons of authentic Macedonian fashion. I am proud to say this was my ninth season following the event as a fashion blogger. A lot has changes since April, 2013, my personal style included. My approach to style and fashion, on the other hand, stayed pretty much on track. Aside from being able to better understand how the industry works and gathering a few styling tips and tricks along the way, my “philosophy” remained the same. I see style as a means to express my individuality and I am a firm believer in sustainable fashion and smart shopping.

This season’s motto was PURE INDIVIDUALITY and in that spirit I decided to clearly express how I see and represent my individual style. My intention was to show how one can look (and feel) stylish, comfortable and unique while at the same time don’t go overboard in terms of budget and overthinking what to wear.

So, I wore the same pair of light blue vintage Levi’s jeans I got at a second hand shop for 2 euro (yes, you got that right!) and built my outfits around them with pieces I already had. I did play around with the pieces, wearing them ” outside their comfort zone”. I did no additional shopping for the event, except for getting a new hairdo at FRAN (thank you George!), that happened to coincide with FWSK dates.

Let me know what you think about my outfits in the comment section below or on my social media profiles, and stay tuned for my FWSK 15 picks from the runway.

Outfit #1 Levi’s vintage jeans/floral vintage one piece swimsuit/Alshar long vest/stillettos/vintage leather envelope bag



Outfit #2 Levi’s vintage jeans/vintage graphic bikini top/vintage metallic ballooner/Reebook running shoes



Outfit #3 Levi’s vintage jeans/reverse men’s shirt (borrowed from my Lord Boo)/90’s metallic backpack/Adidas sneakers



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