Million Voices, One Love


It’s very easy to work with a designer who is passionate about what she does. It’s even more enriching when that designer captures you with her first collection and when you first put on her designs you instantly step away from a comfort zone you didn’t even know you had. Evolution of style is something I strongly believe in and although I’ve been working hard for the past two years to lose weight and get a healthier, stronger body, I was still reluctant to wear more revealing pieces. But my “new body” found a perfect fit in Marsin’s designs, revealing a new Me. Marija, the designer behind this label, is subtle in her approach, but delivers a strong impact. Her designs are clean in form, ultra feminine and with the perfect amount of sexappeal.

The look I chose for our collaborative project, together with my fellow bloggers Emilija and Dani, is very sexy, shows more skin than I would usually bare , but still feels very comfortable and feminine. That was my stepping out of the comfort zone: to be honest I would never dare to put on those pieces, being strongly self conscious about my body, but once I talked with Marija and visited her atelier, I gave it a try and instantly fell for the look. Paired with the fierce hair and make up by Kariera plus (Dani will tell you how much fun we had preparing for the photoshoot), the final look is an homage to my darling 80’s but with a powerful modern vibe (love the belt I used as a choker!). Thanks to the girls and the relaxing atmosphere in Wonderlust, the photoshoot was very fun and Erina managed to get my most playful and seductive self out.

This was the perfect way to round up this year: working with my dear blogger friends (don’t forget to check out their blogs), sharing the vision of a young fashion lady and embracing a new level of my style, feeling proud of the body I live in.

Happy holidays, my darlings! Love Yourself, Celebrate Life  🙂


Photo: Erina Bogoeva

Outfit: Marsin (Collection Million Voices)

Hair & Make up: Kariera plus (Elena Stefanovska/Marija Lencevska)

Boots: Chantel

Location: Wonderlust Cafe & Concept Store


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