How To Pair A Denim Dress

Be patient, I am waiting for the photos from the surprise 🙂 In the meantime I got hung up on Polyvore and since I started a collaboration with the news portal on style advice, I found a perfect way to offer different outfit combinations even for girls that are not my size or shape. Let’s start with a “how to” post. This time I’m pairing a denim dress in three different styles. Denim is an all time favorite and this particular cut and length flatter most body types. It’s a very basic piece that leaves lots of room for creative styling. 


Outfit #1 Linen white flats and a matching backpack to hold all your necessities for a day at school or in a casual office environment. The three-colour bracelets and hair bow liven up the outfit. If you don’t wear dioptric glasses, put cat eye sunglasses on!


Outfit #2 Peep-toe green sandals with wood heels will spice up the dress for an evening date, offering an outfit that needs little additional accessories: matching camel messenger bag and imprinted belt will come handy as a ready match in other outfits. Soft rose flower button earrings give a feminine side to the look.

Outfit 3

Outfit #3 Florals go best with denim if you ask me. These wonderful maroon flats complemented with a floral purse and headband really say spring best. It’s an outfit that might work in an office, but definitely perfect for long walks and coffee meet ups with friends. The nail art is a special moment. If you can’t afford a nail artist, chose any of the colours on the purse for a nail polish.

What’s your favorite?

3 thoughts on “How To Pair A Denim Dress

  1. I really like the first and second ones! But you could definitely find me wearing the first one-especially with the bow piece! Bows are the best:)
    Hugs & Kisses,

  2. Првата и третата ми се баш онака,лежерни,за мои години и многу ми се допаѓаат.И вториот не е за фрлање.Продолжи со овие постови,инспирирачки се.Поздрав

  3. Трите сета се одлично вклопени, со исклучок на балетанките од последниот. Поранешна омилена боја, се имам презаситено. 🙂

    Првиот би бил дефинитивно мој фаворит. Успешно доловен preppy стил. Обожавам комбинации кои се впечатливи на свој начин, а составени од едноставни парчиња. 🙂

    Испраќам поздрав.:)

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