Cuddly Caged

Counting cries curling, crawling : comming cowardly captured cunningly:  Clenched constantly culprit, culprit!  clasped carelessly craving, craving… cometh caravans,  copper caped cages,  cometh caravans contorted. come, Cuddly,  climb closer. come, Cuddly,  cry. April,2012

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The Burden of Time

hands clasped mouth mumbles. all things  in and out of this world,  crumbling, colliding in my back yard. palms sweat lips scorched dry. suns and moons rim my face,  all must go  all must go. hands clasped mouth mumbles:  this is not a prayer,  somebody please cut the umbilical cord. may,2012

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After You’d Gone

burning trees burning trees!  left my hand spread open withering, waiting, wanting. how soon is now?  how late was then?  left my hair cut to the skin scorching, smelting, smearing. I used to be so free You used to be so me. burning trees burning trees!  Swing around, kiss my belly toss and turn, leave […]

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Inter-textual breakdown

stopped at the last road sign, my town sleeping peacefully behind me. a twitch in my guts words heavying on my shoulders all things unsaid drizzling over the rooftops, rolling down the pipes sinking into the grass behind my father’s house. I’d run if I had where to go. all promisses said how I’d call […]

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Indian Summer: My Wild Love

Summer brings out our will to be more liberated, to try out new things, to be more colourful,  to be more creative, more wild. I’ve always been fascinated with the culture and therefore, the sense of economic and natural style of the Native American Tribes, their colourfulness, richness and intricate handwork. So this summer “borrow” a […]

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Ash Mary

you’re nameless : a spark never stifled:  and you’re called after and you’re rang for and you’re yelled at hung and mauled for someone else’s sins (yet you: sinless!)  you: my chain ring  unwrought a redhot horseshoe on wild stalion untamed you: a harness for every filthy word spoken yielding your fire to wretched and […]

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Stylish Bye Bye to the Office

My company is moving to new offices and my colleagues and I made good use of the opportunity to make a photo-bye bye to the old place. Some smiling & stylish company we are, huh? I’m wearing my favourite vintage baby blue dress that’s exactly 30 years old! Spending the weekend in another girl company, organizing a […]

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