3 Ways To Style Print Shorts

pretty simple, no?
pretty simple, no?

Hello, my name is Aleksandra and I’m addicted to Polyvore 🙂 Well, that and Lana del Rey. I really can’t get enough of it, and the best part is I learn so much about matching. I often make the same mistake of thinking I know the exact shade of the colour of a skirt I have and then I go and buy wrong nail polish shade or a purse that’s in a completely different spectrum. Also, there I have all the endless possibilities for making a perfect match and still struggle to find that “just about right” piece, so you can imagine it’s like a million times harder to match colours and textures while shopping one boutique at a time. For today’s post I’ve chosen these adorable printed silk shorts from Diane von Furstenberg and made three outfits for different occasions.


Outfit #1 Perfect for informal dinner parties, a night at the theater or a hot date. The classic pump with suspended high heel will leave you comfortable to walk and dance the night away without the burden of sky high pumps, and yet you’ll look dandy and classy. Black accessories add sophistication to the colorful print.


Outfit#2 Plain white shirt with subtle gold accessories make these shorts the best pick for a casual office environment and daytime activities because the outfit is matched with flats. The big handbag will hold all your documents and make up to refresh yourself for an after work drink.

set 3

Outfit #3 These darlings are also meant for partying! Orange peep toe pumps with concealed platform are perfect for dancing all night and be noticed in the crowd. The classic white jacket gives glam note to the outfit. HINT: You can put the flats from outfit #2 in this combo for a day look and still be amazing! Don’t be afraid to put on pink shades of lipstick in all outfits 😉

One thought on “3 Ways To Style Print Shorts

  1. Најди ми ги шорцевите и со цела заштеда ги купувам.
    Совршени ми се поради лежерниот удобен крој и принтот кој нуди толку многу комбинации на бои и парчиња.

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