Туторијал за пролетна шминка со Авон

Поканата на Авон да снимам видеотуторијал за шминкање беше голем предизвик што го прифатив со задоволство. Темата беше пролетна шминка и јас избрав да претставам вечерен пролетен изглед со смели бои. Ова беше едно ново искуство за мене низ кое научив многу и ме охрабри постојано да си поставувам предизвици во мојата работа. Снимањето беше […]

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Traveling Without Moving

The best thing about loving a city is that you can find yourself wandering through its streets like it’s your first time and make a little traveler’s adventure. That’s what I love about Skopje. This city has been my home for 10 years now and I still find myself falling in love with it every […]

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Ada Gatti Collaboration #4

There are certain outfits that once you put them on you know you won’t be able to get out of those pieces for quite some time. This is one of those outfits. It’s beyond seasons and trends and I was able to blend in my rocker girl spirit in a sweet feminine outfit. I am […]

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Ada Gatti Collaboration #3

International Earth Day seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to share the next chapter of my collaboration with Ada Gatti. Why? Because this planet, it’s nature and all of its wonders and colours is an inspiration for me as well as this colourful brand. I love this preppy and yet joyful outfit. It has all […]

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Ada Gatti Collaboration #2

As promised, my collaboration with Ada Gatti Macedonia on the blog continues. Today I am presenting another of my favorite outfits with pieces from this brand. I never thought I’d be wearing denim overalls any time soon, but as I said in my post for Pixel.mk, they are a must for this season. Paired with […]

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