Blonde Ambition. The Skopje/Berlin Affair


It’s been a year since my visit to Berlin and I can say, without any doubt, that it’s the city that has influenced me the most in many aspects. The freedom of expression, the flow of ideas, the clash of cultures, the individuality of everything and everyone.

It also greatly influenced my style, offering me a fresh view on how to wear vintage pieces in a contemporary context. This collaboration with Erina (a big Berlin aficionado, as well) captured that urge for change, framing this 90’s Berlin influenced look in today’s Skopje.

So let’s talk change, let’s talk ambition, let’s talk influences.

And yeah, I’m a blonde now.


Photo: Erina (Facebook & Instagram)

Hair: Infinito

White shirt and jeans: vintage

Dress: Koton; Tights: Champion; Shoes: New Yorker; Backpack: vintage

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