Linen Dress for Summer Office Look

As promised, today I am discussing office friendly outfits for summer. It’s almost impossible to look dandy in this heat regardless how well air-conditioned your office is, since there is the hiatus of going over there and maybe you would like to grab a late lunch after work and still look fresh. The perfect summer […]

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Crazy Summer Nails

Hello darlings. Hope you’re having a good week, adjusting to the peak of summer temperatures and managing to keep your cool and stylish ways despite of the heat. I love summer, I absolutely adore it, but summer in Skopje is just a crushing heat and I do have troubles finding what to wear that is […]

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Darlings, the Facebook page Aleksandrina Vezilka reached 500 followers last week. In a sign of appreciation and gratitude for your love and support of my blog I am organizing a giveaway in collaboration with Design and berries. One of you can be the proud owner of these two sweet bracelets from the Candy Picnic collection. In two […]

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GO PINK: Lust for Life

It’s been a super busy weekend for me, quite exhausting, but it was worth it. finaly got the chance to wear one of my latest thrifted finds, this burgundy pleated skirt, and the pieces for this outfit kind of simply fell in together as I was preparing for a long day of events. This Saturday […]

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Closer: Transparent & Blue

I am so happy to hear and read all your comments on the blog content and that you like having new posts more often. Thank you for that! 🙂 Today I went to my favorite place in Skopje, the Old Bazaar, and I soaked in all the energy, the serenity and tradition breathing through the […]

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Young and Beautiful

It’s been a crazy few weeks and June promises to be even crazier with work, parties and a special wedding. One of my best friends is getting married and I just can’t wait to see her shine. The crazy part is that in 2 weeks we’re both celebrating 10 years since our high school graduation […]

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