One Pair of Suede Pumps, Three Outfits

After getting positive reactions to the “how to” posts, here’s something new for this week. We all know that choosing the right pair of footwear is difficult and we all want more and more and more shoes. But, by really making a smart choice of shoes with the appropriate heel height and that are comfortable, even paying a bit higher price might pay off. I strongly recommend natural materials and my advice is “Never buy shoes you can only sit with”. It’s that simple! What good is it if they’re gorgeous if you don’t look gorgeous walking in them? So, my choice for this “how to” article are these beige suede t-strap pumps, a great choice for spring and summer, but if you don’t walk too great a distance and you’re a person who’s comfortable in high heels. Enjoy and let me know your favorite 🙂


Outfit #1 All three outfits are suitable for a daytime coffee meet up, lunch, a short walk, and this one can also come handy for a night time outing, a cocktail party, dinner or art exhibit. Midi skirts are back this season, they go fabulously with high heels and this subtle lace piece will give you the comfort a mini can never do. The cropped top is also a trendy choice and I decided to put the pop of colour on this piece and the envelope clutch. The flower hair accessory is optional if you don’t feel confident enough to wear it.


Outfit #2 This outfit is the only one of the three I’d say is office-friendly, again depending how strict is the dress code, but with a day purse. This is a great choice for night out because of the inverted pant suit and classic gold accessories, but don’t be afraid to shine during the day either. The green floral shirt brightens up the neutrals and makes you look fresh any time of the day.


Outfit #3 This outfit is how it all started. First I found this amazing skirt and I was struggling to match it for a while. Finding the right shades and materials was quite a challenge and these pumps were the closest to a success. Another advice when it comes to matching: don’t trust your memory for colour-coordination, the same piece can look totally different in a different light and when put against a certain material. So I went with earth tones and added only one accessory, this tea green leather bracelet.

One thought on “One Pair of Suede Pumps, Three Outfits

  1. Обично не сакам пастелни нијанси, не се пронаоѓам во нив, но третата комбинација ми е совршена. Од принтот, до хармонијата на бои на кошулата и нежност на сакото. Одлично. 🙂

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