Blonde Ambition. The Skopje/Berlin Affair


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It’s been a year since my visit to Berlin and I can say, without any doubt, that it’s the city that has influenced me the most in many aspects. The freedom of expression, the flow of ideas, the clash of cultures, the individuality of everything and everyone.

It also greatly influenced my style, offering me a fresh view on how to wear vintage pieces in a contemporary context. This collaboration with Erina (a big Berlin aficionado, as well) captured that urge for change, framing this 90’s Berlin influenced look in today’s Skopje.

So let’s talk change, let’s talk ambition, let’s talk influences.

And yeah, I’m a blonde now.


Photo: Erina (Facebook & Instagram)

Hair: Infinito

White shirt and jeans: vintage

Dress: Koton; Tights: Champion; Shoes: New Yorker; Backpack: vintage

FWSK 15 Outfits: One Pair of Jeans to Rule them All


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Fashion Weekend Skopje wrapped up its jubilee edition last weekend: 15 seasons of authentic Macedonian fashion. I am proud to say this was my ninth season following the event as a fashion blogger. A lot has changes since April, 2013, my personal style included. My approach to style and fashion, on the other hand, stayed pretty much on track. Aside from being able to better understand how the industry works and gathering a few styling tips and tricks along the way, my “philosophy” remained the same. I see style as a means to express my individuality and I am a firm believer in sustainable fashion and smart shopping.

This season’s motto was PURE INDIVIDUALITY and in that spirit I decided to clearly express how I see and represent my individual style. My intention was to show how one can look (and feel) stylish, comfortable and unique while at the same time don’t go overboard in terms of budget and overthinking what to wear.

So, I wore the same pair of light blue vintage Levi’s jeans I got at a second hand shop for 2 euro (yes, you got that right!) and built my outfits around them with pieces I already had. I did play around with the pieces, wearing them ” outside their comfort zone”. I did no additional shopping for the event, except for getting a new hairdo at FRAN (thank you George!), that happened to coincide with FWSK dates.

Let me know what you think about my outfits in the comment section below or on my social media profiles, and stay tuned for my FWSK 15 picks from the runway.

Outfit #1 Levi’s vintage jeans/floral vintage one piece swimsuit/Alshar long vest/stillettos/vintage leather envelope bag



Outfit #2 Levi’s vintage jeans/vintage graphic bikini top/vintage metallic ballooner/Reebook running shoes



Outfit #3 Levi’s vintage jeans/reverse men’s shirt (borrowed from my Lord Boo)/90’s metallic backpack/Adidas sneakers



Million Voices, One Love


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It’s very easy to work with a designer who is passionate about what she does. It’s even more enriching when that designer captures you with her first collection and when you first put on her designs you instantly step away from a comfort zone you didn’t even know you had. Evolution of style is something I strongly believe in and although I’ve been working hard for the past two years to lose weight and get a healthier, stronger body, I was still reluctant to wear more revealing pieces. But my “new body” found a perfect fit in Marsin’s designs, revealing a new Me. Marija, the designer behind this label, is subtle in her approach, but delivers a strong impact. Her designs are clean in form, ultra feminine and with the perfect amount of sexappeal.

The look I chose for our collaborative project, together with my fellow bloggers Emilija and Dani, is very sexy, shows more skin than I would usually bare , but still feels very comfortable and feminine. That was my stepping out of the comfort zone: to be honest I would never dare to put on those pieces, being strongly self conscious about my body, but once I talked with Marija and visited her atelier, I gave it a try and instantly fell for the look. Paired with the fierce hair and make up by Kariera plus (Dani will tell you how much fun we had preparing for the photoshoot), the final look is an homage to my darling 80’s but with a powerful modern vibe (love the belt I used as a choker!). Thanks to the girls and the relaxing atmosphere in Wonderlust, the photoshoot was very fun and Erina managed to get my most playful and seductive self out.

This was the perfect way to round up this year: working with my dear blogger friends (don’t forget to check out their blogs), sharing the vision of a young fashion lady and embracing a new level of my style, feeling proud of the body I live in.

Happy holidays, my darlings! Love Yourself, Celebrate Life  🙂


Photo: Erina Bogoeva

Outfit: Marsin (Collection Million Voices)

Hair & Make up: Kariera plus (Elena Stefanovska/Marija Lencevska)

Boots: Chantel

Location: Wonderlust Cafe & Concept Store


Вклучи се. Исклучи насилство


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Насилството врз жените и девојчињата е реален проблем со кој се соочуваме. Не постои заобиколен, разубавен начин на кој можам да зборувам за овој тивок убиец на надежта и самопочитта, за ова зло што постои пред нашите очи, а за кое ретко се зборува отворено. Бидете гласот, очите и ушите на жртвите на насилство, скршете ги табуата дека тоа е дел од нашето општество, дека блиските (таткото, дечкото, сопругот) не може да повредат или уште полошо, дека имаат право на тоа. Глорифицирање на насилникот и обвинување на жртвата не се начини на кои овој проблем се решава.

Ајде да не замолчуваме кога гледаме и слушаме. Ајде да бидеме потпорната карпа на која една девојка или жена жртва на насилство ќе може да се потпре, да бидеме раката што ќе ја повлече нагоре. Не е лесно да се проговори за насилството. Да помогнеме тој глас да биде слушнат. Но уште поважно од сè е да воспитуваме момчиња за кои насилството не е метод и девојчиња за кои рамноправноста е гарантирана како воздухот што го дишат.

Се приклучувам кон кампањата „16 дена активизам против родово базираното насилство”, со цел поттикнување на иницијативи за ставање крај на насилството врз жените и девојчињата низ целиот свет на Делегацијата на Европската Унија и семејството на Обединетите нации.  Под мотото „Вклучи се. Исклучи насилство“, во текот на 16 дена помеѓу 25 ноември – Меѓународниот ден за елиминација на насилството врз жените и 10 декември – Меѓународниот ден на човековите права, се работеше на разни проекти за подигнување на свеста. Мојот придонес е овој повик борбата и помошта да не застанат тука, да продолжат секој ден, да градиме свет на еднаквост и рамноправност на родовите, свет на почит, кон себе и кон другите. 

Бидете промената, растете љубов!

Ве сака ваша Везилка


Фото: Наташа Гелева

Firebird by Irina Tosheva


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She is one of my favorite Macedonian designers and easily one of my favorite people. That should leave me biased to talk about her work. Then again, her work speaks volumes about her. It’s been almost a month since I saw her latest runway show at 14. Fashion Weekend Skopje. As impressed as I was, the desire to wait for the rounding up of her new fashion story was stronger, so I waited for the official launch of the lookbook by Miladin Papovic in Wonderlust concept store to tell you the story about a Firebird. The new fall/winter line by Irina Tosheva was her 10th presentation at FWSK and in that spirit, the pieces were somewhat an homage to her work throughout the years. As the colourful creations flowed on the runway I could see her signature cuts, her playful lines, her unbreakable spirit unravel in a fashion story that was a “classic Tosheva” and at the same time a display of a new, even bolder expression of her artistic vision. But, I’m going ahead of myself.

Let me tell you why Firebird touched a cord with me even before I saw the line, just by knowing the title, and how the story was completed in my head as the last model strutted the runway. When I first came to Skopje as a student, the first performance I saw by the Philharmonic Orchestra was Firebird by Igor Stravinsky. I can still remember the excitement, the thrill, the awe of listening to this masterpiece live for the first time in my life. Sitting on the edge of my seat, I was mesmerised by the palpable magic of the music being created there and then. More than 10 years later, I had that same feeling when I saw Tosheva’s Firebird and this time I had the added pleasure knowing that a Macedonian designer, who happens to be a dear friend of mine, did her own jubilee masterpiece and once again impressed her equally colourful audience and tickled our fashion senses, leaving us wanting more.

Photos: Miladin Papovic Photography//Video: Backstage Magazin

#FWSK Outfits


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Photo: Erina

This season’s Fashion Weekend Skopje is long over, but the impressions are still strong. The reliving of the collections, the ongoing chatter with the designers and fellow bloggers, the photos… that’s what I love about FWSK. The theme this season was Talent is the New Sex, so my dear Lord Boo and I opted for outfits that are quite gender-bender (and my new undercut hair-do had a lot to do with it!) What is your favorite look?


Photo: Erina


With fellow fashion blogger Emilija V. (Urban Vibe by Miss E)// Photo: Erina


Photo: Ani&Dimi


Photo: Ani&Dimi


With author Marta Markoska// Photo: Ani&Dimi


Photo: Ani&Dimi


First row at Irina Tosheva// Photo: Ani&Dimi


Photo: Erina


FWSK Day 3: Black Feedback by Evgenija Zafirovska


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When it comes to peculiarity and uniqueness, leave it to Evgenija Zafirovska to show us the art of storytelling. On the last day of the 14th Fashion Weekend Skopje, for the imminent fall/winter season, Evgenija presented her latest work. The designer themed her collection “Black Feedback”, and in addition to the story, she drew inspiration from the flora and environmental protection.



She used recycled material, such as polyvinyl, to create dazzling kaleidoscopic pieces with magnificent and abstract prints. Combining the horticulture, lucid colors and dainty shapes, she presented a blend of real feminine aesthetic and a touch of art.

Courtesy by my special guest writer Lord Boo

Photos: Ani&Dimi

FWSK Day 2: TMF Student Fashion Show


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It’s always refreshing to see new emerging talent at FWSK. Students from the Fashion Design and Engineering Institute at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje (TMF) traditionally presented their work at the biggest fashion event in Macedonia and this class had something to say. And the fashion audience listened. Under the guidance of the talented and eminent designer and professor Lidiya Georgieva they assembled the show titled “Rhythm and Science” where each of the young designers emerged as a new striving force to be reckoned with.


What impressed me the most was the fresh, unique and fully established voice each of the students presented and how Georgieva carved and guided those voices into one powerful symphony. Her ability to listen to their sounds and tune them in the right direction is what makes her an incredible mentor. Each of these young designers are names I am sure we have yet to read about; from their fresh visions, bold expressions, pedantic craftsmanship, the ways they master form and textures, to their vigorous attitude, they give me hope that Macedonian fashion will continue to build towards the goal of establishing and forwarding a unique expression and vision.

Photos: Ani&Dimi


FWSK Day 1: The Great Beauty by Jovana Filipovic


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Jovana Filipovic presented her latest collection at the opening of the 14. Fashion Weekend Skopje where designers showcased their latest work for the upcoming fall/winter season. The designer, whose modern interpretation of timeless elegance is already a marking presence at the Macedonian fashion scene, delivered a collection inspired by Paolo Sorrentino’s “La Grande Belleza”, a cohesive story of decadence and glamour. Filipovic never falters when it comes to impeccable craftsmanship, with her feminine silhouettes, deep V cuts and high waists, sculptured in rich patterns and sensual fabrics.

Her aesthetics – palpable elegance with the right dose of casual feel – was deeply infused in her latest collection: clevages and bare backs and legs were subtly paired with laid back bomber jackets that this time stole the show from her sculptured jackets and flowing long coats. Filipovic successfully feels the pulse of the modern woman who builds her style on the essence of timeless pieces with a breath of modern cuts and shapes. 14918737_1059701970793850_7839017676009202364_o14890357_1059701110793936_132102431297435708_o14890351_1059699514127429_4435223013868152748_odb2c8069db2c8724

Photos: Ani&Dimi


Enchalon & The City


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Irina Tosheva & Vezilka: It’s an Affair.

Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva

Remember Irina Tosheva’s Enchalon collection? I still can’t get enough of it and keep storing pieces in my closet. That’s how timeless her designs are. This piece was the opening look for her show: a versatile shirt-dress or a long vest perfect for summer. Mirjana found the ultimate location to have fun at and we have another look with this piece in store for you, so stay tuned.

Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 7Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 6Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 5Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 4Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 3Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 2Vezilka Enchalon Irina Tosheva 1

THE LOOK: Irina Tosheva vest Enchalon SS2015; Koton camisole; H&M boyfriend jeans.

Photo: Mirjana Nedeva Photography