Aleksandrina Vezilka is #Omajgad


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You already know how much I love the Оmajgad brand and how awesome I think it is, right? I have a closet full of their t-shirts and combining them is always a great deal of fun. Sun is shining, which means spring will be here any day now (any day now!) and that was enough for me to put on sandals already :) This outfit is one of my favorites with the Омајгад t-shirts and a preview to something we’ve been cooking for all of you guys. Be prepared for the big surprise and in the meantime let me know how you feel about this outfit. 


_MND5848 _MND5852 _MND5863 _MND5867 _MND5872 _MND5890 24 25

Веќе добро знаете колку многу го сакам брендот Омајгад и сметам дека е фантастичен, така? Плакарот ми е полн со нивни маички и составувањето комбинации секогаш ми е страшно забавно. Сонцето се појави, што значи пролетта е многу блиску (многу блиску!) и тоа ми беше доволно за да облечам сандали :) Ова ми е една од омилените комбинации со маичките Омајгад и најава за нешто што ви подготвуваме заедно. Бидете подготвени за изненадувањето, а дотогаш кажете ми што мислите за овој аутфит.

PHOTO: Mirjana Nedeva

Rebel With A Cause


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“Dream as if you’ll live forever. Live as if you’ll die today.” (James Dean)


And be rebellious. No one is going to live your life for you. Recent events surrounding the student movement in my country made me feel young and rebellious, go back to my student days and keep that spark alive. My student days remind me of trains and train stations, because I traveled a lot from my home town to the capital. Trains make me think of change, of constant movement, of new beginnings. In this spirit, Mirjana and I decided to shoot this session at the Skopje Train Station on a beautiful sunny day. I dedicate this post to all brave students who raise their voices for a better education and better future. You are rebels with a cause! #ПоздравПленумци















Photo: Mirjana Nedeva

P.S. This outfit is affordable on a student’s budget, too: Blazer: thrifted (5 euro); T-shirt/Jeans: Pevex (2/12 euro); Cardigan: Pavia (6 euro); Shoes: Principe (4 euro on sale); Coat: local store (around 20 euro); Scarf: gift; Rings: Terranova (4 euro) & old silver rings.

Blue Valentine


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This is a story about a girl who got all dressed up for a Valentine’s date.

_MND4473Got flowers in her hand and dreams in her hair.


Waiting for her Valentine in her favorite outfit.


Waiting for the other shoe to drop.


He came, stars in her eyes.


Promised her the world, and she took the leap of faith.


Wanted him to see the world in her eyes.


Held on to his love, shielded from the cold with his blazer.


But promises faded, like balloons slipped through the fingers.


And she faded too, into the Valentine night.


Leaving flowers behind, for some other love to find them.


Photo: Mirjana Nedeva / Skirt: Ivana Knez (Love Story Collection) / Top: Miss Selfridge / Hair: Excite Styling / Special thanks to Surf’N’Fries for letting us shoot at their super cool restaurant.


Denim on Denim//Vintage Edition


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Denim on denim is one of my favorite fashion stories. When you add vintage Marc O’Polo shirt and altered boyfriend jeans underneath your favorite plaid vintage coat, the story becomes too good not to be in it all the time. This outfit is warm and cozy and makes me feel comfortable and chic at the same time. It’s a winter to-go outfit perfect for work and ready for an afternoon cup of coffee or cocktails afterward. I had so much fun shooting at the quiet and scenic Kapan An at the Old Bazaar with my darling photographer Mirjana. I can’t wait to read whether you like this combination. I’ve been working on my makeup skills, so I’d appreciate a feedback on that too :)

_MND4189 _MND4215 _MND4217 _MND4222 _MND4230 _MND4256 _MND4277 Denim-on-denim-2

Coat: Vintage (Prvi Maj)/Jeans: boyfriend’s (The Denim Industry)/Sweater: Terranova; Shirt: Vintage (Marc O’Polo)/Scarf: somewhere in the Old Bazaar/Band rings: Terranova; fox ring too old to remmeber/Shoes: local store

R U Mine// Irina Tosheva Blazer


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And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways
So in case I’m mistaken,
I just wanna hear you say you got me baby
Are you mine?


Arctic Monkeys on my nails all month long. Their music even longer. And this blazer from Irina Tosheva’s Memento Mori collection is oh-so-mine. Finally a proper post for one of my favorite pieces of clothing, and non the less, publishing it on the designer’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Irina! :) I’m feeling quite young and inspired lately and good ideas keep coming my way. Surrounding myself with beautiful people, good music and positive vibes, that’s all it takes. Mirjana and I have a wonderful energy working together and I hope that it translates in the photos.

_MND3976 _MND3990 _MND4000_MND4016 _MND4018 _MND4029 _MND4036 _MND4038 _MND4058 _MND4063 _MND4071


Blazer: Irina Tosheva (Memento Mori collection); Necklace: Ivana Knez; Dress: local store; Boots: Bellamica; Backpack: local store @GTC; Nail Art: Nail Bar Jasmine; Rings: Terranova

PHOTO: Mirjana Nedeva

Rise of the young ones


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_MND3677Well darlings, this year started off quite artsy for me, to my great pleasure. Few days ago I indulged myself in a show of mixed visual arts – photography and video mash ups – titled “Rise of the young ones” by Kerwin Williamson, at the Open Graphic Studio, part of The Museum of The City of Skopje. The project explores the juxtaposition of physical characteristics, aesthetics and social effect of modern architecture in Skopje and the people as an inherent part of the urban development, its causes and consequences. It was an enjoyable evening with wonderful people, mind-tingling conversations and smiling faces. That’s how I like my Skopje! Surround yourself with beauty and people who constantly challenge your mind and enrich your soul.

P.S. I have Paolo Nutini playing in my head all week long. Love the live sessions for his album “Caustic Love”

_MND3671_MND3619 _MND3678 _MND3680

with the artist, Kerwin Williamson

with the artist, Kerwin Williamson

_MND3661_MND3669PHOTO: Mirjana Nedeva


Goodbye 2014, it’s been a joyride!


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Saying goodbye to the year past I have a lot to be thankful for. For my last post this year I have a few things to share with you, with wishes for a better year in 2015.

Pamper your body and soul.

Be thankful and accept thanks with grace.

Be true to yourself.

Hug the people you love. Often.

Enjoy as much as you can, but be patient and kind.

Always, always challenge yourself.

Have a happy New Year, darlings!

_MND3208 _MND3210 _MND3214 _MND3219 _MND3229 _MND3248 _MND3258 _MND3266

PHOTOS: Mirjana Nedeva

Statement Necklace


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Saving some wine for my beautiful photographer Mirjana

Saving some wine for my beautiful photographer Mirjana

On Tuesday night my blogger friends and I attended the show for MCouture’s new FW line Crystal Ball which was part of the FWSK off-programme. Of course we had a blast, going over what a great time we had at the workshop with Rebekah Roy and I am so glad we’re becoming a more tight-knit community. You can read the review and see the photos at For this occasion I decided to go for the timeless little black dress that I paired with a new statement necklace that I bought especially for the show. Hey, I wanted to treat myself a bit! The thing with LBD is that it’s so versatile and transforms into a new piece with a different piece of jewelry. Yesterday I went on a little shopping spree, got myself some knit goodies at Terranova since they’re having a sale (some pieces are 50% off!, yey)

_MND1920 _MND1875

Bloggerettes: Marija, Elena and I

Bloggerettes: Marija, Elena and I

_MND1896PHOTO: Mirjana Nedeva

Ателје Кокев: Место каде се раѓаат соништата


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Со дизајнерката Тања Кокев

Со дизајнерката Тања Кокев   

На мое огромно задоволство синоќа присуствував на отворањето на новиот работен и продажен салон на дизајнерката Тања Кокев. Новото ателје повторно е во нејзин стил: романтично и елегантно, но со нова енергија што зрачи од цветните дезени и пријатната атмосфера што струи во пространиот простор. Кокев сама го уредила просторот што е продолжение на нејзината дизајнерска естетика и е место што ја буди женственоста. Дури и да не сте девојка или жена која сонува да биде принцеза на еден ден, кога ќе влезете внатре ќе посакате цел ден да се облекувате во нејзините креации. Со нетрпение ја очекувам нејзината нова колекција напролет. Повеќе фотографии од отворањето може да видите на

_MND1350WHAT I WORE: кошула: H&M; здолниште: АТАМИ; чанта: винтиџ футрола за фотоапарат; ремен: винтиџ;

_MND1334 _MND1398 _MND1401 _MND1403 _MND1407ФОТО: МИРЈАНА НЕДЕВА

Style Stand-Out: Alana Zimmer


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alana-zimmer-streetstyleAlana Zimmer (born June, 1987) is a Canadian model currently working in New York. I’m a big fan of models off-duty style and I especially admire those who have built a unique style impervious to the trends set on the catwalks they strut on. Alana’s laid back street chic was what impressed me from the start as well as her ability to look feminine and sexy in bulky coats and menswear inspired cuts. Her elegantly layered preppy looks are my favorites and I love the fact that she rocks flat footwear. You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter for a daily dose of fabulous. Feel inspired by her street style outfits and maybe steal a few :)

280132 313033 Alana-Zimmer-by-STYLEDUMONDE-Street-Style-Fashion-Blog_MG_9043 alana-zimmer-michael-dumler-lfw-ss-14-day-2 Bilder-4862-Alana-Zimmer-Street-Style-Storm-London-0 (1) Fall_2013_Models_E8_ZKM4_I5_Xw4x img_3627 models101 Models-1799-by-Hanneli-Mustaparta-high-res_131012932827


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