FWSK 16: Day 1//Papaz

Fashion Weekend Skopje is hosting its 16th event this season. Day one had a wonderful opening with the new fall/winter line by Papaz, a bold, sensual and dramatically sexy line titled “The Rise of Sin”.
The designer, Andrej Papaz Gorgievski, presented striking feminine silhouettes inspired by the legend of Sodom and Gomorrah, a synonym of sin, skillfully merged with traditional elements of the Middle East, resulting in a dualistic, but extremely provocative sublimate.
The contrasting elements were also present in the choice of fabrics, juxtaposing eco leather and felt with silk georgette to capture the contrasting traits of a woman: her strength and durability against her softness and sensuality.
Although there were a few small fitting issues, this show confirmed Papaz as a fashion designer in his own merit, having proven himself already as a remarkable costume designer.

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As for me and my crew, we opted for a variety of vintage finds. I am wearing vintage Colours of the World high waisted jeans, altered Sprinfield t-shirt, H&M faux leather jacket, and vintage leather bag.
Photos are by the talented Natasha Geleva.

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