Joy Division T-shirt: DIY Joy

Actually, I can’t believe I haven’t posted this outfit yet! I guess I was too excited with the bloggerrettes meet up organized by the girls from Skopje Casual who are also responsible for making these amazing photos. It was a great day and I was thrilled to have my new hairdo and show of my DIY […]

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Marina Marinski Jewelry: Free As A Bird

What better way to say welcome to spring than a playful piece of jewelry? And that’s exactly what Marina Marinski Nakit is offering us! The young and talented Marina is a History of art and Computer science professor and jewelry designer from Croatia. She’s been designing jewelry for 10 years now and evolved her work using different materials like clay, plastic and wood.

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Mint Goodies: Welcome Spring

This is the colour that has held us captive since last spring season and it’s not holding back. Breathing in some fresh air, mint will certainly put you in spring mood and you’ll put the winter behind. I admit I was a bit wary on how to pair pieces in this beautiful pastel colour and […]

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Bow Tie For Her

I just love bow ties. Always alluring to some better times when people danced more, cared less and were classy. I remember my dad putting on his bow tie on special occasions. He was so dandy! But bow ties are not reserved for guys only. A style-conscious woman can pull of several amazing outfits with […]

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T-Strap Pumps: Lady-Like

Incredibly comfortable, sexy and feminine: T-strap pumps will pump up your day and you can walk, dance and dazzle in a pair of these all day&night. They come in various styles, but my favorites are Mary Janes, Charleston and peep toe models. The horisontal strap gives you a stabile, strong poise and the vertical one […]

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Прво па Женско: Аирлија!

Девојките од Tiiiit! Inc. породија здраво женско бебе! Првородениот настан за одбележување на Меѓународниот ден на жената во нивна организација што се одржа во МКЦ, е здрава, напредна, румена идеја. Идеја што ќе донесе промени. Што ќе раздени нови утра. За милоста, за храброста, за инспирацијата. За силно-нежното суштество: жената. Одзивот беше голем, одекот ќе биде […]

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