Lips of Autumn

Paint your lips with the colours of autumn! Bold colours are IN this season, so why not go bold on your lips? I love autumn because I can play with all the varieties of dark red, copper and plum shades of lipstick. Since I have darker complexion, pretty much everything is allowed, but I have red […]

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Bird Print Dress

The delicate physiognomy of birds and the freedom and elegance they represent are just perfect for a print choice on your signature dress. Combine it with a cardigan or a light jacket, flats or pumps, day or night, the bird print dress will make you look special, exotic and stylish. I’d go with the vintage models: […]

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School Bags are In Style

With autumn, along came the first days of college. I remember loving going to school on foot especially in the first few months because the weather was just perfect for a light cardigan, flat ankle boots and my favourite vintage school bag. Just me, falling leaves and a shy sun. I’ve always loved the model of […]

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Colourful Coats for Autumn

Autumn is at the doorstep in my beautiful Macedonia and as nature changes is colours and reveals all its charms, I feel inspired to add more colour to my wardrobe. I already have my precious red coat for winter, but I’m thinking of getting a slightly eccentric autumn coat in a lively colour. I don’t […]

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Венчавање со езерото

остај ме да виреам во врелото на твоите стравови да чезнеам по врелиот бакнеж на твоето зајдисонце. остај ме да распукам како зрела лубеница ненабрана, заборавена на крајот од бавчата. остај ме да стравувам дека следната плима можеби езерото нема да те исфрли на моите брегови. остај ме да изртам во моите стравови. Лабино, Охрид […]

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