The Snake

Crawling out of her mouth she left what once was her. the sun scorching high up in the sky. Her old self shed on the naked rock eye shells mesmerized in the eye of the lake. skin skorching amidst high hopes. she left hers on the steep rock. I still keep yours on. Labino Beach, […]

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Stillborn no more white nights and empty mornings I: no longer deathwatch cold cheek nor craving eyes towards your pillow’s end. You: no longer staled silence wrinkled kiss drunken call We: no longer fear and tremor god and prayer poppy and basil no more lust turned to ashes, but life. September, 2012 ***************** Мртвородена Немам […]

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A pre-election night’s dream

thoughts muzzled sighs spitting scorn worlds muffled. and you hold your breath in anticipation of a familiar face, and you moan and you ache and you cry your soul to sleep while gazing in their empty words floating in the heavy air, fists raised, a hollow flutter. muzzled, muffled you pray your body to be […]

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we burried the sun with silent sighs, its burning mouth grazing the mountain rim. last rays of life fell heavilly on our shoulders. we took some silence in our pockets. to fill the room back home after the burial. Samuil’s Fortress, Ohrid August, Macedonia

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Heraclea’s Dream

Fingertips tiptoeing ages of beauty, I tremble knowing it’s the forbiden touch. Emerald green pebles revive under my touch ever so hesitating. I stand silent in the solemnity of centuries. A sigh echoes throughout the amphitheatre. Had I been here sooner I’d ask the Gods is lust as eternal as the murmors of time through […]

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Scar Tissue

When this trembling hand of mine gets darling wrinkles and spots, somewhere inbetween the signs of me getting old will be your cigarette scar reminding me that lust, too, grows old and dies. August, 2012

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Clocks in Style

“Time is the same in a relative way…” You know I love clocks, right? I like them as decoration in my home and my wardrobe. The theme of time doesn’t have to be limited to pocket-watches and pendants: the clocks are everywhere: on t-shirts, on dresses, bags and even nails! If you share my passion, […]

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if some day my feet go wandering down your street, in some late summer day, with the hot air heavying on your young shoulders (ever so yonger than mine) and you see me standing, eyes smoldering, hands in tremor, cigarette burning my fingers, don’t come close, don’t break the spell of no-one ever coming close […]

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Hello Little Lace Shorts

So feminine, so summerly, so sweet. Lace shorts are a statement piece and ladies, if you have fine legs don’t hesitate to wear this lace delight in every combination. They go well with printed t-shirts, broad shirts, jackets, flats or pumps, one statement piece of jewelry or a cluster of rings and bracelets. The choice […]

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Watermelon Craze

It’s summer, it’s hot, it’s juicy, it’s time for watermelons. And not only in your diet: Splash the vibrant colours of this refreshing fruit all over your outfits. Choose one sweet piece and liven up your summer look, whether it’s a print on a t-shirt, a dress, cool bag, original earrings or funky shoes. Here are […]

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