Frida Kahlo: Para Siempre

All explanations of my fascination with and admiration towards Frida Kahlo, would be in vain. All words fade in comparison to her inner strength, creativity, beauty and glow. From a fashion point of view she has been an inspiration for decades, although she herself shun away from fashion and all it represented. She insisted in developing […]

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Интервју: Влезете во волшебниот свет на дизајнерката Стефанија Насеска-Попадинец

1. Кога почна приказната за модата и Стефанија Насеска-Попадинец?   – Првите насоки ми ги дадоа професорите по уметност во средно училиште и благодарение на моите родители кои ја почитуваа и поддржаа мојата огромна желба, се запишав на Аccademia Italiana. Токму таму почнува мојата професионална приказна под менторство на Никола Ефтимов и Росица Мршиќ. Додека студирав […]

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Little Leather Gloves

With autumn’s delayed cold slowly creeping in, it’s time for a stylish hand protection. How about a sweet pair of short leather gloves? An investment that will last you years to come, the leather gloves are both elegantly stylish and protective. My personal favorites are the cropped models in statement colours, like red, purple or blue, but […]

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Old Man’s Blues

I’d walk the line if less suns and moons have crossed my skies. I’d walk the line had I less easy women and heavy words, had I spoken less and listened more. I could have been the man with stars in his eyes sitting by your dying bed, If I hadn’t crossed the line. November, […]

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Super Leggings

Don’t feel like letting go of the skirts and dresses? Not a big fan of pants and jeans? Join my club, ladies. I have already talked about the tights, but I pulling out the big guns, now: warm super leggings. They’ll keep you warm better than pants (well they do keep me warm) and you […]

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Swing My Swagger

Florals in autumn? Yes, please 🙂 I just love this OVS pleated floral skirt and it’s found a new life with my new “kind of oxford” shoes I’ve been craving for a year now. The knit blouse is Calliope and the purple tights, Penti. This is one of my rare “branded outfits”, if you can […]

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Feminine In His Cardigan

Feeling cold? How about snuggling into his knit cardigan? I’ve always been a fan of smart mix between man and women clothes, especially when it comes to jeans, cardigans and shirts. This time I’ll stick to cardigans ans sweaters. When I was in high school I was a bit tomboyish and I’d steal my father’s […]

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