PUSH IT Moda: Yeah Baby!

Flower Crown: Irina Tosheva

When I started my blog almost a year ago, I never imagined it would go this far. Back then the first Macedonian fashion and style bloggers were too few and far apart, virtually unknown even among ourselves. All that changed in the past year and I can proudly say we are building a strong community and are being acknowledged as an integral part of the fashion scene.


PUSH IT Moda offered us a chance to expand our reach and views by inviting me and a handfull Macedonian fashion bloggers to do an editorial to present the best of our blogging scene. To say I was over the Moon would be an understatement. I was even more thrilled while we were doing the photo-shoot with the amazing Miladin Papovic who did a wonderful job and we all had so much fun. For this special occasion I was even more happy to be wearing Irina Tosheva‘s Flower Crown that I must admit kind of grew on me 🙂 I wear it all the time! Also, I am loving this Drama necklace by designer Ivana Knez (available at Bastet Noir) You can read the whole article HERE and I’d like to give special thanks to Tea Bacelic who presented us in all our true colours. Enjoy the editorial and the photos!

Flower Crown: Irina Tosheva/Necklace: Ivana Knez/T-shirt: Outpost Trading Company, Apparel Addiction/Skirt: Vintage/Pumps: Farasion
Flower Crown: Irina Tosheva/Necklace: “Drama Studio” Ivana Knez/T-shirt: Outpost Trading Company, Apparel Addiction/Skirt: Vintage/Pumps: Farasion





Macedonian Fashion Bloggers:Me, Angela, Azize, Meri, Zlatko JZJ, Marija and Martina

Photos: Miladin Papovic

6 thoughts on “PUSH IT Moda: Yeah Baby!

  1. You look totally amazing and this editorial was beyond deserved.
    So glad for all of you ^_^

  2. Не можам да им се изнагледам на фотографиите. Од прва до последен сме прекрасни. 🙂

    Аутфитот пак, ми е својствен за тебе. Имаш внесено живот во нешто толку едноставно, со свој личен печат. Lovely.

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