Let’s talk about change

It seems so easy to talk about change in a constantly changing world in fast forward mode, where it’s becoming increasingly difficult to be in trend, on point and other “in” words and phrases that will probably be “out” by the time I finish this article.


But why do we strive to keep up with all the change happening around us, when the real change needs to start from within us? It’s not even a philosophical question, it’s a matter of existence. Yes, depending on your line of work, you need to adapt to certain levels of change coming from outside in order to function. But when it comes to you, personally, change needs to be organic. And to that point, the person you are trying to make function in the “real world” is you, so let that person feel the need and urge to change, without the fear of losing who you essentially are.

At this point, you probably think I’m starting to babble, but bear with me. Change is natural and it will happen. The cycle will continue with or without your awareness and consent, so hop on the train.

For most people I’ve met, change carries a negative prefix, something that “must” or “needs” to be done, something you have no control over, that will happen regardless of you and what you need, and probably will f@ck up your life. But, for me, change has always been a synonym for something new, powerful, wonderfully exciting and endlessly enticing. Change, whether it came as an external stimulus or an internal urge, has always been welcomed in my life.  The excitement of learning something new and with that accomplishing something new, better and greater has been a driving force for me.

Never the less, this enthusiasm can be stifled if people around you, especially those “affected”, by the change, see it as something bad, put their guard up and go into “survival” mode. And then, what? I always keep this in mind:

It’s healthy to change. It’s like the natural process of regeneration. It’s growth. Not all winds and flows around you are movements that will stir a change, but those that are worthwhile will either carve you or pave the way for you. Embrace change in all its shapes and forms, whether it’s an urge to learn something new, to try out new cousine or hair color, to start wearing loafers or put crazy patterned tiles in your kitchen, to opt for a change in career, or move to a different neighborhood, city or even a country… All of this should bring warm and fuzzy feelings, flutter of butterflies in your stomach… something like a first date. And who doesn’t like first dates?

So how do you feel about change? Do you “invite”, “endure” or “cope with” the changes in your life?

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