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It’s been a crazy few weeks and June promises to be even crazier with work, parties and a special wedding. One of my best friends is getting married and I just can’t wait to see her shine. The crazy part is that in 2 weeks we’re both celebrating 10 years since our high school graduation and I don’t feel as old as I should be 🙂 I believe we are as young as we feel and I reject being defined in years. More experienced than 10 years ago, definitely, wiser maybe, but older-never! I’ve grown to love my body as it is and celebrate woman’s beauty in all its forms and shapes. I’ve met so many beautiful, strong, brave girls and women of all ages and they all taught me of patience, love and courage, they’ve been an inspiration, a light, a rock. That’s why I’ve chosen this classic and feminine outfit, my tribute in celebrating women’s beauty, in and out. The pleated vintage skirt is a 50’s staple and I paired it with the only animal print piece I own, a cardigan that served me well through the years, a mint top to keep up with spring, and a faux gold necklace from Trendi devojki that’s one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. The title is inspired by Lana del Rey’s song I’m hooked on for weeks, and although the song has nothing to do with today’s story, I’m borrowing it, `cause that’s how I feel, young and beautiful 🙂



235Enjoy the week, darlings!