Ombre Nails: We All Fall In Love Sometimes


I am very excited about this post because I had the time and energy to make more photos along with the outfit snapshots. My friend Meri does amazing nail art and I am so happy she painted me this three colour ombre. Since I am obsessed with doors and window panes, I couldn’t resist photographing the garage doors in Karpos and the windows of the Faculty of Architecture. The weather is mimicking November or something, so no late spring outfit today: pants are in the game and I had the chance to wear this vintage embroidered puff shoulder blazer that couldn’t find it’s place in any of my outfits until this windy June. The necklace is my first online find from F! Accessories that came in one of the cutest packages ever. Thank you for all your support darlings, Facebook fans are approaching 500 and you know what that means: Giveaway coming your way! 🙂

Jeff Buckley, We all fall in love sometimes










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