GO PINK: Lust for Life


It’s been a super busy weekend for me, quite exhausting, but it was worth it. finaly got the chance to wear one of my latest thrifted finds, this burgundy pleated skirt, and the pieces for this outfit kind of simply fell in together as I was preparing for a long day of events. This Saturday we had a Vagina Monologues reunion with the girls from the play and we shot a video in support of a pro-choice drive by Tiiiit! Inc. to raise awareness for women’s right to choose. Later on I had a quick caffeinated  meet up with M.M. a talented musician and author and we dwelled on the subject of artistic expression and freedom and the troubles of translating a piece true to form.


As you can see from the photos, I am wearing a support bracelet from NGO Borka that organized the walk GO PINK ’13 to raise awareness for breast cancer and to honor survivors and people struggling with breast cancer, their families and friends. I must admit, I was moved to tears when I saw the pink river flowing through the streets of Skopje. When I finally got home, friends and family waited for a night out, so we wrapped the day with a pancake party. It’s days like this that make me feel alive and open my eyes to appreciate the people in my life and the moments that we share. Enjoy the week, darlings!





Necklace: Drama by Ivana Knez
Necklace: Drama by Ivana Knez/ Available at Bastet Noir

DSC_0929DSC_0906PHOTO CREDIT: Aleksandra Stojanovska, who so fabulously directed Vagina Monologues 2013. Thanks, luv!

She was the cutest little thing ever! So supportive of the GO PINK drive :)
She was the cutest little thing ever! So supportive of the GO PINK drive 🙂

4 thoughts on “GO PINK: Lust for Life

  1. Комбинации од неколку нијанси на иста боја, ретко кај кого и во кој случај ми се допаѓаат. Но ти знаеш како тоа да го носиш и навистина премногу изненадуваш. Неможам да најдам замерки.
    Сукњните ти се нешто прекрасно! :))


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