Crazy Summer Nails


Hello darlings. Hope you’re having a good week, adjusting to the peak of summer temperatures and managing to keep your cool and stylish ways despite of the heat. I love summer, I absolutely adore it, but summer in Skopje is just a crushing heat and I do have troubles finding what to wear that is both office friendly and scorching streets friendly. Tomorrow I’ll be giving you advice on that topic, but for today: nail art. In this heat I don’t feel very inspired to dress up, jewelry even irritates me and make up is minimal. That’s why I choose simple dresses that don’t need a lot of accessorizing and put the accent on the nails. In this post I’ll be sharing two amazing tutorials I found on Youtube on how to make your own crazy summer nail art that are not difficult at all: The first one is Water Marble and the second one Neon Ombre. Also here are a few inspirations on how to jazz up you summer look just by doing your nails. I’ll be showing mine in the following posts. Enjoy!

15-Cool-Easy-Summer-Nail-Designs-Ideas-For-Girls-2013-5 Awesome-summer-nails Flower-Pink-Rose-Nail-Art-Designs lilac-nail-art-ideas-4 nail_art_summer_2012 nails

don't forget the toenails :)
don’t forget the toenails 🙂

tumblr_m6ronvctrl1r75thgo1_500 tumblr_m7yd7f2C9u1qfveu9o1_r1_500

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