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She’s dreamy, daring and darling: Ana Bacinger is a shining star on the Croation fashion scene. And thus, a perfect choice for a Style Stand-Out feature from our beautiful Balkans. Starting out with her blog Little Fashion Paradise (http://www.littlefashionparadise.com) this young journalist, stylist and photographer is a true refreshment in the industry with her bold styling and inventiveness. She was one of the bloggers that inspired me to start my own blog and she keeps amazing me with her work. Always stunning in her blog posts and even more when spotted at various events and even in the street, she shines her positive vibe and shifts the limits with her ideas for applied fashion and styling, on her blog as well as her articles for Fashion.HR (http://www.fashion.hr) magazine. What I admire her most is her courage and relentless support for domestic designers, photographers, bloggers and independent media. Enjoy her outfits and don’t forget to follow her 🙂

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