Red Pencil Skirt: A Spring Must Have


Red says SPRING best if you ask me. It’s my favorite colour, yes, it’s obvious, I’m a redhead 🙂 I have a lot of red pieces in all shades and nuances, but I am very careful when combining because I don’t want to look like a 6-year-old ready to go egg-hunting on Easter. One of my favorite pieces is a silk red pencil skirt which sadly, I’ve worn it once or twice. It’s too elegant for work and not quite appropriate for the rock gigs I attend when I go out. But I can’t seem to give up on it. In anticipation of the FW 2013 in Skopje I thought of bringing it back to life, so all I need to do is get ‘her’ a new pair of shoes 🙂


Red pencil skirts are a bit tricky to combine: most go with the safe black and white choice, the blonds mix in an animal print and the brave ones just don’t care and follow their instinct. Regardless to you taste, safe or bold, a red pencil skirt is a must have piece that will brighten up your spring wardrobe, just be careful with the materials. It can stand alone in the outfit or mixed in with a bag, clutch or purse, red lipstick, or my favorite: little gloves. Stripes are also a good choice, as well as printed T-shirts and florals.

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2 thoughts on “Red Pencil Skirt: A Spring Must Have

  1. Уф, тука ич не се согласуваме.
    Јас сум типичен бик и црвена не можам да поднесам, освен на коса се разбира. Сепак од кога знам за себе живеам со две црвенокоси. 😀
    А кога станува збор за бордо? Е тоа ми е веќе омилена боја. Нема ништо пошик од неа.

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