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This is the colour that has held us captive since last spring season and it’s not holding back. Breathing in some fresh air, mint will certainly put you in spring mood and you’ll put the winter behind. I admit I was a bit wary on how to pair pieces in this beautiful pastel colour and I admired bold women who did wonder with it. I started with a t-shirt, then got a nail polish, then a necklace… and now I’m thinking  about getting a nice breezy dress. Pairing it: go mint on mint in various shades, combination with other pastels is ideal, black and white go wonderfully or just use it as a detail in your shoes, accessories, nails, make-up. My personally favorite is a mint piece (blouse, jeans, dress, shorts, blazer) and camel (or other tones of brown) accessories, like a belt, satchel, wood bracelets… Whatever you choose, you won’t be mistaken, this is THE colour to brighten you up after the pretty long and changeable winter.

Remember the beautiful Ana Bacinger, right?

Remember the beautiful Ana Bacinger, right?

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