Winter Layering


This is my first post in the new year and what better thing to write about than the good old wonderful layering? 🙂 One of the few reasons I love winter is the art of layering. One must be careful not to look like a homeless person and seem too stuffed. The simple trick when it comes to not looking stuffed is to be careful how you layer the fabrics: the smoother, thinner layers like silk blouses go first, then the cotton or cashmere cardigans and the chunkier, more textured fabrics go last. The other thing is not to overdo the colour palette: stay in the same colour family if you are not to sure or if you’re doing this for the first time. If you feel confident, mix it all up! 

You can find an excellent text on layering HERE, on camouflaging dresses HERE and on mixing patterns HERE. Enjoy winter!

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