Stylish Turbans with Tutorials

Hedy Lamarr
Hedy Lamarr

I’ve always been impressed by Turkish and African culture, especially the striking style of women of these cultures, the way they have embraced their heritage and put their personal woman strength in their style. Turbans are an important part of this style and it’s a piece that shows great individuality and boldness in the woman wearing it, regardless of her cultural background. Turbans are feminine, impressive, strong statement pieces that show creativity and are definitely not an accessory for  just anybody. I’ve tried it off a few times,especially in summer, but I hesitated pairing it in a non-summer-casual environment. Tying it was the greatest issue: when my hair was longer it was no problem, but mid-length is a trouble, trust me.

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You can opt for a head-band style, showing parts of your hair, or a full turban covering the whole head. Also, there’s the freestyle turban for more casual, loose hair look, or a firm, strong turban as a symbol of a perfectly styled trendsetter. Careful with the fabrics, too. If it’s too light or silky, bumps of hair will show from underneath or it might slip easily, and if it’s too thick it might look too big on your head. It’s basically all about twisting and tucking and  accentuating and sleeking all the right angles.

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I found a few very educational DIY tutorials on how to tie a turban on your own: The first one is a basic, big turban that covers all the hair and is a bit massive and it’s all in the twist and a firm hand. In the second video go to 1:45 to start with the tutorials, there are 3 different styles, explained to the detail. In the third one go to 7:30 to start watching Shirley’s tutorial on head bands and turbans, although the whole video is great and has excellent tips. The last one is a bit long and slow, but it’s a wonderful tutorial on how to make a top notch African turban with a thicker fabric and a stronger hold. I hope you’ll find these tutorials helpful and create your own statement turban look, since it’s a style that’s coming back strong this spring.

paloma turban turban-wrap (1) Turban-wrap

3 thoughts on “Stylish Turbans with Tutorials

    1. All but two of these photos are downloaded from the Internet. Most of them are scarves wrapped as turbans. Check out the tutorial videos and make one of your scarves a lovely turban 🙂

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