FWSK Day 2: TMF Student Fashion Show


It’s always refreshing to see new emerging talent at FWSK. Students from the Fashion Design and Engineering Institute at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje (TMF) traditionally presented their work at the biggest fashion event in Macedonia and this class had something to say. And the fashion audience listened. Under the guidance of the talented and eminent designer and professor Lidiya Georgieva they assembled the show titled “Rhythm and Science” where each of the young designers emerged as a new striving force to be reckoned with.


What impressed me the most was the fresh, unique and fully established voice each of the students presented and how Georgieva carved and guided those voices into one powerful symphony. Her ability to listen to their sounds and tune them in the right direction is what makes her an incredible mentor. Each of these young designers are names I am sure we have yet to read about; from their fresh visions, bold expressions, pedantic craftsmanship, the ways they master form and textures, to their vigorous attitude, they give me hope that Macedonian fashion will continue to build towards the goal of establishing and forwarding a unique expression and vision.

Photos: Ani&Dimi


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