Teal Tights: How to rock them

This is one of my all time favorite colours, but I especially like it in the detail, like tights. Although it seems difficult to match, it’s really not, well, if you’re not afraid to experiment and if you like mixing colours. My best choice would be to go with all shades of brown, burnt orange, yellow or mustard, or go with striking red or burgundy, but be careful with adding a third colour. Brown leather boots and a matching purse will do the trick. Add more teal in the detail: nailpolish, jewelry, hairpiece. I bought my pair of teal tights today, so expect a post soon 🙂

In the selection of outfits with teal tights you’ll see the same face more than once: she’s of my most loved style gurus, Serenity from Romania. She doesn’t have a blog yet, but her outfits are a real treat. You can find her on her profile on Chictopiahttp://www.chictopia.com/_SERENITY_

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