FWSK Day 1: The Great Beauty by Jovana Filipovic


Jovana Filipovic presented her latest collection at the opening of the 14. Fashion Weekend Skopje where designers showcased their latest work for the upcoming fall/winter season. The designer, whose modern interpretation of timeless elegance is already a marking presence at the Macedonian fashion scene, delivered a collection inspired by Paolo Sorrentino’s “La Grande Belleza”, a cohesive story of decadence and glamour. Filipovic never falters when it comes to impeccable craftsmanship, with her feminine silhouettes, deep V cuts and high waists, sculptured in rich patterns and sensual fabrics.

Her aesthetics – palpable elegance with the right dose of casual feel – was deeply infused in her latest collection: clevages and bare backs and legs were subtly paired with laid back bomber jackets that this time stole the show from her sculptured jackets and flowing long coats. Filipovic successfully feels the pulse of the modern woman who builds her style on the essence of timeless pieces with a breath of modern cuts and shapes. 14918737_1059701970793850_7839017676009202364_o14890357_1059701110793936_132102431297435708_o14890351_1059699514127429_4435223013868152748_odb2c8069db2c8724

Photos: Ani&Dimi


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