Ash Mary

you’re nameless
: a spark never stifled: 
and you’re called after
and you’re rang for
and you’re yelled at
hung and mauled
for someone else’s sins
(yet you: sinless!) 

you: my chain ring 

a redhot horseshoe
on wild stalion untamed
you: a harness
for every filthy word spoken

yielding your fire
to wretched and heroes
to kins and wanderers
to loons and wickeds

but only I know
your colours true
when blooming
when taunting
when wilting
you: a poppy
of colour deprived

and when you lay 
your hair unbraid
spread open
bringing dreams
to life
only I know 
your true song 
: my dear lovechild. 


5 thoughts on “Ash Mary

  1. its just so visual and audible to me..its like i can see and hear the spectrum of emotions in this piece every time i read it..a narration with a good background score perhaps performed by a Shakespearean trained actress would be incredible..i can just imagine flatmate and i are starting on a audio book with some of my poems with composed background music..(experimental)i want to add this to the list and have u narrate it and send it to me so we can work on it..this goes for the last refugee as well which would have to be a collaborated recording somehow 😛

      1. once we start recording one or two and get used to it, ill start working on the last refugee and ash mary…might be a while cause he just getting his home studio together now
        and we will start of with my ballad,then another one written by him and me…if those turn out good then i will move onto the the mentioned pieces..u know what a pain i can be as a perfectionist 😛

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