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Ever since I was a little girl, my white shirts with big lace collars were my favourite garments and that love has only grown through the years. As I am a huge fan of collars, attached or detached from the shirt, blouse or dress, I was more than thrilled when this new vibe of detached collars came rushing through. Collars are the perfect accessorizes to liven up an old piece of upper garment or a whole dress, regardless if its a plain white  Peter Pan collar, spiky studded one or a soft, vintage-like lace collar.


I found these two tutorial videos on Youtube on how to make your own unique collars. The first one is from The Chriselle Factor (http://thechrisellefactor.com), and the second one from The Fashion Citizen (Youtube channel by the same name). Hope you like them and that they spark up your creativity. I’ll post my creations in a while.