Indian Summer: My Wild Love

Summer brings out our will to be more liberated, to try out new things, to be more colourful,  to be more creative, more wild. I’ve always been fascinated with the culture and therefore, the sense of economic and natural style of the Native American Tribes, their colourfulness, richness and intricate handwork.

So this summer “borrow” a few touches from these rich cultures: a motley bag, long, feathery earrings, eye-catching mini dress, beaded sandals, leather&feather headpiece, copper and silver handmade rings and bracelets… The choice is versatile, but don’t overdo the outfit so you don’t look like you put on a costume.

Let this be a long Indian Summer full of Love.

2 thoughts on “Indian Summer: My Wild Love

  1. Reading this amazing article with these colourful vibes made me remember this song from Joe Dassin – L’été indien ( the Indian summer )

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