New Rings & Old Bazaar

Vintage outfit ring
The Old Bazaar in Skopje is my favorite place, regardless of the weather.
The smells, the sounds, the charm.
The place where I met a dear friend from Belgium and we revisited all the “crime scenes” four years later.
I took my new rings and vintage camera bag out for a walk.
Life is good.
Vintage outfit 2 Vintage outfit 3 Vintage outfit 4 Vintage outfit rings

4 thoughts on “New Rings & Old Bazaar

  1. Beautiful rings. But it would have been better if you show us the photos of the bazaar as well. Where are the traders? And what sort of stuff do they sell?

  2. Интересен пост и outfit, прстените се многу слатки. Чаршијата е одлично место за сликање, секоја уличка крие нешто ново. Ја обожавам, баш затоа ја искористивме со Симона од Sim’s world за локација за мојот нов блог пост :))

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