Polka dots and Clocks. Variations on a Summer Afternoon

As you know, clocks are a passion of mine. Today I’m showing you my two pendants, one on a necklace (left) and one on a bracelet (right). I bought the bracelet from the second-hand online shop mojagarderoba.mk where I usually find some really nice pieces.

The necklace you know already, but this time in a different setting: Little Jackie O vibe and playing around in the garden. I didn’t feel like taking photos of me and this way I had more liberty to “direct” this photo-shoot.

The pink polka dot dress is “Zara” and I love it because it’s very feminine and comfortable and at the same time elegant and interesting with the back buttoning and the intricate lace on the shoulders and the rim. I usually wear it with a thin black lacquered belt and pair the whole outfit with these adorable lace bow flats.

I’ve been hung up on Lana Del Rey for months, so her album “Born To Die” played in the background while preparing this treat. Here goes my favourite from this album:

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