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Happy Monday darlings! I love Mondays, I know, it’s weird, but I do. They’re so full of new energy and possibilities. Weekends make me lazy and I hardly ever get anything done. On today’s topic, it’s unbelievable how it was only this morning that I realized I have at least five white shirts of all sizes and cuts, all vintage. I guess I’ve been stuck with one and hardly noticed the others. One of them just popped out of the closet and I’m wearing it all delighted. Plain white shirt is a must in every girl’s dresser, but since I am never satisfied with plain, I’ve gathered a nice collection of vintage white shirts with lace ornaments that go perfectly with almost any skirt and cardigan. On the highly divided topic of what to wear under a white shirt, I say: go with your guts. I don’t mind a black bra under a sexy silk shirt, but again, it depends on the mood and occasion. I only discharge a shirt when it’s too tight in the upper part and buttons are about to pop out. Here‘s my favorite, from one of my first posts, and then enjoy the gallery of delicate white clouds that are just perfect for spring.

My favorite with buttons on the back

My favorite with buttons on the back

Today's choice. So delicate.

Today’s choice. So delicate.

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