Key Pendant: Unlock Your Signature Style


Hello dears. I must apologize for not posting anything for a while, I’ve been really busy. In my last post I shared the latest happening in the Macedonian fashion and style blogging scene, I hope you got to know all the girls and enjoyed their blogs. Revisit for some new photos of the gathering.

I made a small selection of key pendants for today, to brighten up the mood until I get some courage to make winter snowy outfit photos 🙂 I love keys in general, their symbolism, their shape and function, so a key pendant is what I’d call a perfect accessorize. They’re eye-catching, especially the vintage pieces, and can shake up a simple outfit with a romantic twist. Enjoy and expect some photos soon 🙂

clockwork-red-vintage-skeleton-key-with-boro-glass-bead-pendant-paula-mcdonough double_key_necklace_grande Hot-Sell-New-design-retro-personality-fashioned-key-pendant-Necklace-Free-Shipping il_fullxfull.275530534 il_fullxfull.301195507 il_fullxfull.369320495_l20g il_fullxfull.374521913_73yo il_fullxfull.376051361_ofg7 NestingNomadKey New-Item-of-Wholesale-Vintage-Pocket-Watch-Necklace-in-Key-Pendant tiffany-key-pendant-necklaces Vintage-Bronze-Rhinestone-Antique-Key-Pendant-Necklace-Fashion-Jewelry-Free-Shipping-S1327 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA vintage-style-filigree-key-pendant-necklace-[2]-11600-p

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