I’m a huge cat lover. I have three of them, love them dearly, treat them like royalty. So why not be inspired by these magnificent fuzzy elegant creatures in our daily styling? I made a selection of warm winter sweaters for all of you cat lovers. You’ll be warm, cozy and have fun wearing these darlings. Enjoy the winter, ladies. And love your cats 🙂


2012-Hot-sell-Women-casual-long-Hoodies-pullover-women-s-Jacket-ladies-cat-printed-casual-hoodie 9223grey2 52538_P_1349594699224 8189196435_eac657b77f_b 394190319946_KxxGTddp_l 251005379203085120_neqLvjw2_c ankle-vintage-boots-chambray-maxi-vintage-dress-cat-print-vintage-sweater_400 BOBO_CHOSES_cat_sweater burnout-cat-sweater cat-print-sweater-top img-thing (1) img-thing (2) img-thing (3) img-thing Wildfox-Cat-Sweater