Swing My Swagger

Florals in autumn? Yes, please 🙂 I just love this OVS pleated floral skirt and it’s found a new life with my new “kind of oxford” shoes I’ve been craving for a year now. The knit blouse is Calliope and the purple tights, Penti. This is one of my rare “branded outfits”, if you can call it that, because you know I always tend to mix in one of my thrifted pieces with modern ones. The child in me, restless as always, swung by the swings and there I am, happy, happy, happy.



9 thoughts on “Swing My Swagger

  1. You should have tried the slide (if they had one). And maybe, just maybe, a man in a blue uniform would come and tell you to get down, and remind you of the good old days. 🙂

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