Print Me Some Spring

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Did you miss me? I sure did. I feel bad for cheating on blogging with everything else: staging a play with the wonderful girls and women from VDay Macedonia, writing articles, organizing a photo-shoot… ooops! (it’s a secret 😉 ) So today as I’m getting ready for Bastet Noir‘s launch party I thought I give you a little inspiration for the weekend: t-shirts with unusual print paired with skirts for a little feminine touch. It’s my spring favorite and I plan on boring everybody with these combinations until… June 🙂 You can make your own original printed t-shirt, like I often do. You can find some ideas here and here. The guys from Ultra design shop are very attentive and the quality of the prints is superb. My favorite mix is with a mid-length bell skirt and T-strap sandals. Have a wonderful weekend darlings and stay tuned for our big surprise 🙂

white-self-printed-t-shirt-red-h-m-skirt_400 2415885_look_b_b_book AAAAC2u07RQAAAAAAc_1NQ alebon_gl_20mar13_getty_b_592x888 DSCN0990 IMG_7867 Katie T-shirts 02-01-2012 a1-1600x1600 leopard-print-scarf-candy-coloured-topman-cardigan-chicwish-skirt-t-shirt_400 maxi-skirt-miss-selfridge-skirt-printed-t-brat-and-suzie-t-shirt_400 Unicorn-Top-0836 white-out-of-print-t-shirt-black-tulle-skirt-gray-hat-yellow-alloy-shoes_400 white-screen-printed-crystal-castles-t-shirt-crimson-pencil-thrifted-skirt_400

7 thoughts on “Print Me Some Spring

  1. Great photos! So much style inspiration here! 😀

    P.S. – It’s OK to be busy. It’s a great thing, actually! I’m glad you’re having fun!! ❤

    – Anna

  2. Hmm so I saw the blue skirt with that one trend where there is a short skirt and a sheer maxi layer over it. I’m not sure what I think about it…? What do you think?
    Hugs & Kisses,

  3. It’s a trend lingering from last year and it’s still popular here, especially the asymmetric cuts. It goes well with flats, converse all stars, pumps, platform sandals… you name it. Depending on the waist height it’s flattering for both short and tall girls and it gives kind of romantic look regardless what you pair it with. And this colour-fantastic! 🙂

  4. Сега знам кој пост ти служел како права инспирација. 🙂 Си го имаш искористено до максимум. 🙂

    Мене ме освои со Mickie Mouse маичката од првата фотографија. Сакам се поврзано со Disney и тие принтови ми се најомилени, особено Mickey Mouse. ^_^ Останав дете внатре.

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