One Ramones T-shirt, Three Outfits

This is probably my favourite band t-shirt, and I love my band t-shirts, trust me. I like wearing it in totally different outfits, so that I can wear it everywhere. Although this t-shirt has served it’s time, I still can’t get enough of it. I used to wear it with jeans and a pair of “Converse All Star”, but since jeans are out of my wardrobe for some 2-3 years now, it’s skirt time! Today I’m showing you my three super favourite outfits with the RAMONES t-shirt:

The first one is casual, for a stroll in the park, coffee with my friends or a day out with my older nephew. I added a floral mini skirt, brown leather bag and my darlings: the turquoise flats.

The second outfit is for partying, so I matched the t-shirt with this amazing tribal print skirt, leather belt and sky high pumps. This is my favourite outfit, tell me if you’re with me on that 🙂

The third outfit is my office choice, so I can rock the Ramones and look neat and representable, matching The Ramones with suede peep-toe sandals, dark beige skirt and leopard print cardigan.

Tell me if you like these looks and what are your favourite band t-shirts 🙂

3 thoughts on “One Ramones T-shirt, Three Outfits

  1. Е ова постче страшно ми се свиѓа. И комбинациите, и концептот за тоа како се носи една маичка на повеќе начини. Одлично!

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