Lace Up Flat Boots

inspired by the figure skates

As much as I love the 50’s and the elegance, pumps and high heels are really not my cup of tea. I did try, I did my best, but except for some special occasions, I prefer to walk on firm ground in my flats. Given the fact that I am 175 cm tall, and put on some weight recently, it’s even wiser to walk in flats, so I decided to make the best of it and to bring elegance even in flat boots.

That is why my choice are the lace up ankle boots that remind me of old figure skates and the early 19 century shoes. The lace up flats fit perfectly in my wardrobe: wide skirts and dresses at calf-length or knee high, tights and tunics and 80’s style pants. I prefer the leather, handmade pieces with stitches and I will never give up on the all-timers: Dr. Martens and Timberland boots.

One thought on “Lace Up Flat Boots

  1. Hey hey! I was wondering where those white leather boots with lacy-ish material are from! They’re basically perfect!

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