First Bloggers’ Fashion Show


It happened. We had a fashion show!

Together with Angela Dissected and Skopje Casual I was part of the first blogger’s fashion show organized by Ramstore Mall. We were stylists for our own mini-shows with pieces from brands available at the mall. At the end of the show we received plaques for participation in the event “Fashion Saturday”. I am so grateful and humbled with this amazing experience. To see my outfits on the planning board for the show… it was just so overwhelming! Backstage really got the swag 🙂

20150530_180952 20150530_162138(1) 20150530_180822 20150530_180903

My outfits were minimalistic in colour, but with bold accessories. For the ladies I chose to style five types of pants/jeans for chic-elegant summer looks: shorts, culottes, palazzo pants and cuffed jeans, paired with a one-piece swimsuit and flowing tops, with models strutting on high heels. For the men outfit I chose a linen shirt and cotton pants paired with sneakers. If you are interested in the pieces I chose for the outfits and what brands I collaborated with, feel free to ask in the comments below.

D82A8996-as-Smart-Object-1  D82A8988-as-Smart-Object-1 D82A8985-as-Smart-Object-1 D82A8982-as-Smart-Object-1 D82A8976-as-Smart-Object-1 D82A8971-as-Smart-Object-1

Runway photos: Miladin Papovic Photography

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