Blue Valentine

This is a story about a girl who got all dressed up for a Valentine’s date.

_MND4473Got flowers in her hand and dreams in her hair.


Waiting for her Valentine in her favorite outfit.


Waiting for the other shoe to drop.


He came, stars in her eyes.


Promised her the world, and she took the leap of faith.


Wanted him to see the world in her eyes.


Held on to his love, shielded from the cold with his blazer.


But promises faded, like balloons slipped through the fingers.


And she faded too, into the Valentine night.


Leaving flowers behind, for some other love to find them.


Photo: Mirjana Nedeva / Skirt: Ivana Knez (Love Story Collection) / Top: Miss Selfridge / Hair: Excite Styling / Special thanks to Surf’N’Fries for letting us shoot at their super cool restaurant.


3 thoughts on “Blue Valentine

  1. Јас се заљубив во соработката помеѓу тебе и Мирјана. Со нетрпение чекам на нови постови.

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