R U Mine// Irina Tosheva Blazer

And the thrill of the chase moves in mysterious ways
So in case I’m mistaken,
I just wanna hear you say you got me baby
Are you mine?


Arctic Monkeys on my nails all month long. Their music even longer. And this blazer from Irina Tosheva’s Memento Mori collection is oh-so-mine. Finally a proper post for one of my favorite pieces of clothing, and non the less, publishing it on the designer’s birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear Irina! 🙂 I’m feeling quite young and inspired lately and good ideas keep coming my way. Surrounding myself with beautiful people, good music and positive vibes, that’s all it takes. Mirjana and I have a wonderful energy working together and I hope that it translates in the photos.

_MND3976 _MND3990 _MND4000_MND4016 _MND4018 _MND4029 _MND4036 _MND4038 _MND4058 _MND4063 _MND4071


Blazer: Irina Tosheva (Memento Mori collection); Necklace: Ivana Knez; Dress: local store; Boots: Bellamica; Backpack: local store @GTC; Nail Art: Nail Bar Jasmine; Rings: Terranova

PHOTO: Mirjana Nedeva

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