Rise of the young ones

_MND3677Well darlings, this year started off quite artsy for me, to my great pleasure. Few days ago I indulged myself in a show of mixed visual arts – photography and video mash ups – titled “Rise of the young ones” by Kerwin Williamson, at the Open Graphic Studio, part of The Museum of The City of Skopje. The project explores the juxtaposition of physical characteristics, aesthetics and social effect of modern architecture in Skopje and the people as an inherent part of the urban development, its causes and consequences. It was an enjoyable evening with wonderful people, mind-tingling conversations and smiling faces. That’s how I like my Skopje! Surround yourself with beauty and people who constantly challenge your mind and enrich your soul.

P.S. I have Paolo Nutini playing in my head all week long. Love the live sessions for his album “Caustic Love”

_MND3671_MND3619 _MND3678 _MND3680

with the artist, Kerwin Williamson
with the artist, Kerwin Williamson

_MND3661_MND3669PHOTO: Mirjana Nedeva


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