NEW IN: Dahlia Divin by Givenchy

DRA_5049          You know that feeling when you inhale the scent of a perfume for the first time and think “This is the one!”. And then, people remember you by that intoxicating scent and say “That’s her!” Well that’s what happened with Dahlia Divin and me. I was first introduced to this olfactory jewel at the official promotion for the new Givenchy fragrance in Macedonia organized by its distributor in the country “Orbico”. This sweet, sensual fragrance is the perfect match for me, especially since I’ve been struggling for some time now, trying to find a perfume that really suits my style and character. And Dahlia Divin checks both boxes.      

           This fragrance is an addition, both in theme and in spirit, to the line Dahlia Noir launched in 2011. Its woody-chypre base is complemented by an opening note of Mirabelle plum, followed by Sambac jasmine and white flowers, a combination that builds the perfect balance between sumptuous seductiveness and ethereal ease. The fact that that Alicia Keys is the face of Dahlia Divin makes it even more attractive to me, because I admire strong women who disarm both with their will power and their charm.


Photo: Dragan Perkovski

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