LOOKBOOK: All Aboard Cloud9!


“Meet your parents in the blaze of their youth. You recognize them, but they don’t recoginze you. They hand you kaleidoscope glasses. You see retro designs and intoxicating smoke in blue, yellow and purple color. Now you have the real picture. You comfortably accept the adventure of living in a different youth. So, they really knew how to party. Dress yourself in the rhythm and colors of the nature and allow your senses to accept the challenge. This collection takes you on a journey in a forgotten wardrobe. Here you will find colorful cotton fabrics, liveliness that defies, smell of nostalgia and an old well known melody. And you know how to bring them back to life through a modern pulse.”


You already know I love her work and she always gives me a reason more as to why I do. Irina Tosheva, the designer of youth, made just about perfect lookbook for her new SS 2014 collection Cloud9, and showed yet another facet of her creative spirit. That’s what I love most about her, she knows how to engage her audience and offer a whole package for what she does. The lookbook tells the story behind her new line: the nostalgia for the time of her (and my!) parents’ youth, wrapped in colours, sunshine and amazing retro elements, seen through her kaleidoscopic sunglasses. Don’t you just wish you put on some bold prints and lay on a blanket in the wild all day listening to Led Zeppelin? I do!


See MORE photos HERE

The collection is available for international sale at eco-fashion online shop Bastet Noir

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