Once Upon A Dream


Yes, I have been listening to Lana Del Rey’s “Once Upon A Dream” every day for who knows how many times since it’s been out. And yes I have been loving this vintage velvet dress since I found it over an year ago and now I found the shoes to match it. It was so much fun shooting for this post and I was thrilled to also finally show off my QuickClutch, a wonderful present I got from Moa Baggeek from Bosnia 🙂 I feel this outfit is the perfect match of the old and the new and I can’t help loving to wear red, it’s my colour! Lately I’ve been pulling out pieces from the back of my closet and finding their true story. I usually just feel like I have to get the piece and I just know its time will come. Hey, I’ve always been a dreamer and lately some of my big dreams started to get real, so don’t be afraid to dream and dream BIG!

Red velvet vintage dress Mary Jane Pumps Red velvet vintage dress QuickClutch Mary Jane Pumps Red velvet vintage dress QuickCluttch Moa Baggeek Mary Jane Pumps

Moa bageek QuickClutch red lipstick

Moa Baggeek QuickClutch knuckle rings

Red velvet vintage dress

Moa Bageek QuickClutch VHS clutch map clutch

Mary Jane Pumps Moa Baggeek QuickClutch

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